Leading the VoC “Customer Confessions” Session

Jan 24, 2022

We know the benefits of including a Voice of the Customer session in our briefings. It provides firsthand insights into the customer’s business to help Discussion Leaders tailor their remarks, brings forth anchoring comments to link to throughout the day to drive a more customer-centric conversation, and sometimes even uncovers information the account team didn’t know!

But, too often, customers show up with a repurposed slide deck that speaks only to their current situation and implementation.  What we really want customers to talk about is where they want their business to be in the future. What initiatives are they pursuing?  What challenges are they facing? What are their strategic business objectives? Only by uncovering their business needs can we sell and justify meaningful technology solutions.
Group of business people sitting around conference table talkingGroup of business people sitting around conference table talking
Today's best-in-class Customer Insight sessions are facilitated by someone trained in posing open-ended, thought-provoking, non-threatening questions planned in advance in partnership with the sales team. These questions are designed to get the customer talking openly about their broader business initiatives and the impact of achieving them (or not). These “customer confessions” conversations help the customer connect the dots between their business and your technology. In talking openly about their problems and challenges they may even experience a sense of urgency that will put them in an open frame of mind to consider your solutions. And they’ll be better able to articulate the value of your solutions when they’re speaking with their colleagues “back home” after the briefing.

To learn to lead these high-gain conversations, check out our Leading the Customer Insight Session workshop.