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BriefingEdge LogoBriefingEdge Logo


BriefingEdge designs and delivers world-class executive briefing center management software to customers wanting to schedule, track, report, and follow up with customer visits.

(828) 338-2066


BriefingIQ is powerful software designed to streamline the management of executive briefing centers and customer visits. With its intuitive interface, it enables users to efficiently plan, schedule, and execute customer meetings with ease. The software also features a robust set of tools for managing events such as conferences, trade shows, and campaigns. With BriefingIQ, users can easily track and measure the success of their events, with real-time analytics and reporting capabilities. The software's centralized database enables users to access all relevant information about customers, events, and meetings, making it easy to stay organized and on top of important tasks. With its advanced security features, BriefingIQ ensures that all sensitive data is always protected. Whether you're managing a large enterprise or a small business, BriefingIQ is the perfect solution for improving your briefing center operations and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Purushothama Polkampalli
Director, Sales
(408) 823-7650
Briefing Source LogoBriefing Source Logo

Briefing Source

We are meeting and event professionals who have a passion for streamlining and automating routine tasks, allowing our clients to focus on the more strategic aspects of their programs and creating valuable experiences for their clients.

(888) 360-3246
CX App LogoCX App Logo

CX App

The CXApp is a cloud solution with a customer-first mindset that allows you to enhance the customer experience for your Executive Briefing Center, by creating integrated, personalized, and streamlined customer journeys. We aim to make your job easier and your customers happier by creating a framework that aligns with the customer experience journey within your organization.

(408) 472-8181
Czarnowski Collective LogoCzarnowski Collective Logo

The Czarnowski Collective

The Czarnowski Collective is a collective of thinkers, creators, limit pushers, go-getters, and storytellers that produce brand-defining experiences. But you can call us Czarnowski. While many things have changed since their story began more than 70 years ago, customer service and family values are still at their core.

Derse LogoDerse Logo


Drawing upon years of experience, we know how quickly brands can evolve. Derse designs and builds flexible face-to-face environments and customer journeys that adapt to your business. And we offer a unique approach to understanding funding for the entire customer experience.

(414) 257-2000

Dimensional Innovations

For nearly three decades, Dimensional Innovations has collaborated with their clients to challenge what’s possible at the intersection of physical space, technology and brand storytelling to create cohesive, purpose-driven experiences.

(913) 384-3488


Downstream is a branded environments practice. We exist to help companies and institutions drive growth through brand-driven design, strategies, conversations and experiences. We are experts at creating unique customer-facing environments that enable meaningful conversations and true collaboration.

(503) 226-1944
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Whether it’s an immersive museum exhibit, an engaging briefing center, or a command and control center optimized for efficiency, Electrosonic has the technical expertise to optimize the experience for your customers, guests, and employees.

(925) 482-3190
Hyperquake LogoHyperquake Logo


We are Storybuilders who create Executive Briefing Centers and Customer Experience Centers based on human stories that are the heart and soul of our clients. From startups to Fortune 100s we strive to reveal truth through immersive experiences.

(513) 237-1721

Inhance Digital

A leading interactive agency that helps tell complex stories. Inhance Digital's services span content generation, visual effects, physical brand activation/immersive experiences, and virtual brand exhibits and events.

Kaon Interactive LogoKaon Interactive Logo

Kaon Interactive

We help the world’s leading B2B Fortune 1000 marketing and sales leaders to transform their complex value stories into stunning, custom-built applications built on a robust platform for seamless omnichannel deployment and reusability.
(978) 344-4106
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kubik creates the environments where real connections are made. With world-wide capabilities, kubik produces the environments and experiences for briefing centers and brand environments, museums and institutions, experiential events, and trade show programs.
(443) 716-6836
Nanolumens LogoNanolumens Logo


At Nanolumens, we’ve set our sights - and our standards - high when it comes to LED. We leverage the best of technology to meet everyday needs and enable digital transformation. Our team is dedicated to your project’s small details while keeping their eyes on the big picture.

(855) 465-8895
Nexus LogoNexus Logo


Nexus is what’s next in executive briefing program management. Nexus is a SaaS platform that was purpose built for Customer Engagement programs and has a service model to serve the experience center industry needs.
(408) 687-4390
Pinevision Design Studio LogoPinevision Design Studio Logo

Pinevision Design Studio

Pinevision provides an all-inclusive and hassle-free website solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We believe that a web-design studio needs to do more than simply build great websites, which is why we always partner with our clients to make sure that their website is optimized and up to date, day in and day out.
(925) 275-5415
Purple Digital Storytelling LogoPurple Digital Storytelling Logo

Purple Digital Storytelling

Purple is a digital storytelling software company based in the Netherlands. Powered by visual storytelling and technology that amazes your senses. All our projects use the power of Hyro storytelling software. The cloud-based CMS enables you to easily manage and control content on any type of display, no matter how unique. Besides Hyro, Purple offers strategy & concept, technical design & delivery and content production to deliver EBC's from 0 to Experience.
+31 (203) 697 681
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Scriberia combines consultancy with creativity to help businesses, organizations, and institutions get their best work done. Our award-winning visuals are not only beautiful but hardworking, too. Across our services, we employ drawing as a highly effective filter for information, which guides us to simplify, clarify, inspire, ideate, iterate, engage audiences and sell ideas. Scriberia’s award-winning team brings tried and tests visual thinking methodologies to the table, resulting in work that is visible, tangible, shareable, versatile, and above all, immensely valuable in a wide range of contexts.
+44 (207) 278 7976
Storyboard Media Co LogoStoryboard Media Co Logo

Storyboard Media Co

B2B Video which is driven by strategy, produced with quality, and measured for ROI. Think Video for Marketing, Video for Sales, and Video for Customer Success!
(919) 960-1222
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VisitOps is the only full-featured visit/briefing management app built natively on Salesforce. Briefing teams can run and measure their entire program with one app. VisitOps lets you create visits, manage rooms, build agendas, invite discussion leaders, send surveys, manage content and create beautiful reports and dashboards.
(616) 914-2216