Dynamic Delivery

Dynamics in a high-stakes environment represents the energy of space, things and people. For the briefing professional, the ability to leverage existing and create new dynamics translates to shifts in customers’ perceptions---what they think, feel, do or believe—as they consider making key decisions.

The Dynamic Delivery series of workshops is designed to help briefing professionals build confidence in their storytelling skills through exercises in content development and delivery.

The “4-A Way” provides a model for briefing professionals to deliver their best performances on the business stage. Critical performance elements of Audience, Atmosphere, Action, and Actor are defined and explored.

Dynamic Demonstrator

A compelling solution demonstration brings an offering to life, makes complexities easily understandable and stimulates crucial conversations beyond more traditional presentations. Based on the “4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery”, this 4-hour virtual session helps participants build skills and techniques in developing a demo story, heightening customer engagement and provides practice opportunities with actionable feedback.

Dynamic Hybrid Team

Virtual briefings provide an excellent opportunity for key decision-makers with limited time to participate. They can join their onsite colleagues via a hybrid briefing where engagement with all participants, virtual and in-person, means finessing a blend of science and art. Participants in this 4-hour virtual session will explore strategy and tactics to develop a hybrid experience, promote interaction and engage customers through on-camera delivery.  Discussion of participants’ current hybrid solutions is explored using the “4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery”.

Dynamic Stage Speaker

Every customer interaction is a conversation, whether engaging with 1 or 1,000.  For larger audiences, speakers encounter unique challenges as they strive to connect with every potential customer in the audience while negotiating technical dynamics. By working through considerations in Audience, Atmosphere, Action and Actor, the “4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery”, participants in 1-hour overview and individual coaching sessions learn how to prep for big-stage performance demands. For those speakers who have a recording of a past engagement, individual coaching with actionable feedback is also available.

Dynamic Discussion Leader

Customization, relevant content and knowledgeable subject matter experts are what matter most to customers in briefings. The Dynamic Discussion Leader excels in these and delivers their story with confidence while leveraging engagement techniques to support rich conversations with customers. Using the “4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery” as a framework, this workshop helps participants create compelling content and enhance their delivery through multiple practice exercises with actionable feedback.  Best practices in discussion techniques are highlighted with a particular focus on handling difficult questions. Options for 4 to 8 hour virtual sessions and 1 to 2 day onsite workshops are available.

Dynamic Tradeshow Team

Tradeshows present an opportunity for multiple team members to interact with customers in an energizing environment. Equipping tradeshow team members with inviting talk tracks and compelling demonstration techniques to engage potential customers is critical to success. A combination of virtual and in-person development activities using the “4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery” builds team confidence and skills in taking tradeshow outcomes to the next level. Team pre-show preparation and in-the-moment coaching at the tradeshow site is available to ensure individuals and teams are on top of their performance in real time.