Skills Training for Your Briefing Team

Give your team the training and tools they need to accelerate your Briefing Program. Whether you’re looking to take your program to the next level or on a journey to complete ABPM’s Core Competency Curriculum, let us help you get there. Each of our workshops is highly tailored for your needs. We meet you where you are.

Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs

The ABPM’s white paper, “Characteristics of a World-Class Briefing Program,” is the roadmap to achievement of World-Class for briefing programs worldwide. In this 3-hour virtual workshop, we explore each of the four categories of Management, Operations, Customer Experience and Analytics in-depth, discussing current examples of World Class for each characteristic.

Facilitation Skills for Briefing Professionals

A skilled Facilitator serves as a customer advocate and supports the account team in driving a relevant, compelling, interactive customer experience.  This 8-hour virtual workshop delivered in two 4-hour sessions builds confidence and skills to manage virtual, onsite, and hybrid briefings, including how to handle difficult situations and keep the briefing on track.  Participants practice key skills and get coaching and feedback.

World-Class Customer Experience

This 2-hour virtual workshop explores specific tactics briefing programs use to elevate the customer experience and drive customer loyalty. We take a deep look into the elements of customization, Voice of the Customer, facilitation, and customer engagement and experience strategies and how they elevate the briefing experience. Specific examples of actions World Class briefing programs are taking in each of these five areas are provided.

Delivering Global Briefings – Raising your Cultural Awareness

This 90-minute virtual workshop for Discussion Leaders, Facilitators, and briefing professionals elevates awareness of cultural differences with customers visiting the U.S. from Asia Pacific, Latin America, and EMEA. Participants learn how to anticipate certain behavioral norms based on the customer’s country and adapt their communication style and verbal, non-verbal and engagement behaviors to ensure more effective global briefings.

Voice of the Customer – Capturing and Leveraging Customer Insights

Voice of the Customer sessions have evolved beyond just a topic at the beginning of a briefing where a customer presents information about their current situation.  A high-value customer insight session is a structured, future-focused, strategic gap analysis conversation that uncovers customer business objectives and challenges.  In this 1-hour virtual workshop participants learn the skills to plan, lead, capture, and use customer comments surfaced during this important part of the Briefing.

Developing Your Strategic Leadership Style

The day-to-day demands of managing a briefing program with operational excellence leave little time to think strategically and develop a strategic leadership style. Leaders do and should exist at all levels of a briefing organization.  This 3-hour virtual workshop designed for all briefing professionals explores different leadership attributes.  Participants identify their own strengths and create a first draft statement of their personal leadership brand and share with the team.​​​​

Delivering Briefings that Create Customer Loyalty

This one-hour advanced workshop for Subject Matter Experts reinforces the importance of briefings and how they are “not just another meeting” on their calendar. Your Discussion Leaders and presenters are already content experts. This session helps them think through ways they can up their game using specific briefing behaviors that build customer loyalty. We explore ways to demonstrate strategic partnership, build trust, and bring your brand values to life – all in the interest of creating customer advocates who will buy more, defend your brand, and be more open to giving you feedback.

Customer Engagement Strategies

This 2-hour virtual workshop details actionable strategies and tactics to increase customer engagement before and during the briefing. We explore behaviors that create loyalty, drive strategic partnership, and build trust, and survey current customer engagement tools and software being used today in briefings to promote interaction