What’s the Difference Between Personalization and Customization?

Mar 21, 2022

One of the most fun parts of a Briefing Manager’s role is the opportunity to be creative in designing memorable moments that surprise and delight the customer. Creating their company logo in the foam on their latte. Cupcakes with their logo in icing. Wearing their logoed apparel during the briefing. Having the agendas delivered to the room by one of their own express drivers. Having your employees who are from their country and speak their language welcome the customer. There are so many ways to say “we know you – we care”.

That level of personalization is fun and important. It’s also table stakes these days. Customers have come to expect it. And, it’s become harder to deliver those moments of delight in the virtual world.
Company representative meeting with clients in an executive briefing centerCompany representative meeting with clients in an executive briefing center
The more important and impactful moments are achieved through customization. Customers have told us in independent surveys for almost 30 years that the #1 most important attribute of a briefing for them is “relevance of content”. That’s customization. It’s harder to deliver, but essential in building trust, especially in a virtual world. It means preparing Discussion Leaders to talk about the customer’s industry, their business, their network, their architecture, their applications, their challenges. Nothing says “we don’t care about you” like showing up with a generic PowerPoint pitch after the customer knows you’ve spent 4 weeks “planning” the briefing.

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