Getting Executive Buy-In!  Don’t Launch Your Program Without It!

Feb 28, 2022

The Number One priority when launching a new program should be obtaining Executive Management support. Too often though, briefing professionals launch into operational planning without taking the time to educate, inform and engage with senior executives who can make the difference between a moderately successful program and one that is high-performing and thriving.

So one may ask, “What is the secret”?  Well, it starts by knowing what is top of mind for your executives, understanding their vision, goals and objectives, appreciating their business challenges, including competitive issues, and then being able to articulate your program’s value proposition (elevator pitch style) and potential impact to the business.
Client and representative shaking hands at a conference tableClient and representative shaking hands at a conference table
When you find yourself face-to-face with an executive or the executive team in your initial meeting, be aware that as you describe your program strategy, they may be thinking:
  • Will this accomplish our vision? 
  • Will it affect the bottom line?
  • What will the ROI look like?
Remember, as you prepare for your executive meeting, it is critical to:
  • Know what they want
  • Know how to explain the value of your program
  • Understand their positions and politics
  • Know how to connect to the big picture and their financial goals
  • Draw a picture of how your ask will benefit them 
Don’t forget to go into that meeting having the ability to briefly describe what a World Class Executive Briefing Program looks like and how your strategic 90-day plan can get you on the path forward!