Briefing Professionals Can’t Afford to be Quiet Quitters

Sep 30, 2022

The phrase “quiet quitting” is one we have seen throughout social media since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Many individuals joined the workforce during this uncertain and challenging time and have not had the luxury, in some cases, of experiencing proper onboarding, receiving necessary mentoring, having access to critical skills training, and building and strengthening in-person relationships with their managers and colleagues. Additionally, because of remote work environments, the blurring of boundaries between work and personal time has exacerbated the problem of assimilating, acculturating, and getting ‘fired up’ to go above and beyond. Quiet quitting happens when there is a lack of psychological investment in the job at hand resulting in a worker’s desire to opt out of tasks beyond their key function.
Woman running an executive briefingWoman running an executive briefing
In the world of executive briefings, Briefing Professionals can’t afford to be “quiet quitters” on the job. Briefing and Customer Experience teams are required to “step up” and go beyond the call of duty every single day whether working in a remote or an in-person situation as it is their job to manage and execute exceptional customer engagements for their companies on a consistent basis. There is no option to “quietly quit”. Showing up highly motivated, enthusiastic and in a customer-centric mindset daily is a basic requirement of the job.

Briefing Professionals are a unique breed of modern-day worker and are examples of employee types who set the bar high when it comes to providing outstanding customer service. Without Briefing Professionals on the team, it would be more difficult for companies to develop customer relationships and close business faster.
If you are a Sr. Leader of an Executive Briefing or Customer Experience Program, I challenge you to listen, express empathy and demonstrate support for your Briefing Professionals. You should plan to have ongoing, open, and honest conversations with these valuable human assets about their workloads and projects. Be prepared to make necessary adjustments to retain your high-performing employees. You can’t afford to let Briefing Professionals dip into the “quietly quitting” zone or your company’s bottom line may suffer as a result. And remember, rewarding employees with increased compensation and benefits when they go ‘above and beyond’ on a consistent basis is always appreciated, but helping workers find life balance in this world where the globe just seems to keep spinning faster and employees are expected to do more with less, will go even farther.