The Best Time to Launch an Executive Briefing Program is NOW!

Aug 19, 2022

As briefing industry experts, we have been asked by executives on several occasions, “When is the best time for a company to launch its first executive briefing program?”  Our response is, “If you can answer YES to the following questions, then the time is NOW!”
  • Is your company swiftly expanding its customer base?
  • Are you hiring sales professionals at a rapid pace?
  • Do you have innovative products and solutions that are disrupting the market?
  • Are you seeking to displace the competition?
  • Are you growing and nurturing your partnerships?
  • Are you increasing revenue quarter over quarter?
  • Is your business profitable?
Executive briefing in a conference roomExecutive briefing in a conference room
If you have responded to the above questions in the affirmative but are still thinking: “Wait!  I don’t know what is involved in starting a briefing program and our company doesn’t have the budget for a fancy new center, yet.”

Again, our response is: “That’s okay!  You can start small by first launching a virtual briefing program that can immediately accelerate your sales efforts and help you close deals faster.  In parallel, you and your executive team (with guidance from Briefing Experts like can begin strategizing the next phase of your program to include the design and build of a center to complement your existing virtual program, adding the ability to offer in-person and hybrid customer engagements down the road, as well.
An executive briefing program can significantly impact your business by:
  • Expanding your existing customer base
  • Attracting new customers
  • Challenging the competition
  • Strengthening customer relationships
  • Growing your partnerships
  • Extending your brand in the marketplace
And bottom line…increasing your revenue!
So, don’t waste precious time.  As you build your business, invest in implementing and supporting an executive briefing program.  You’ll want to integrate this critical program into your long-term business strategy no matter the size of your company, as you will immediately begin to realize the benefits this powerful and impactful sales tool will have on your organization’s accelerated growth.