Our consulting engagements are structured with you and your program needs in mind. Based on our expertise and knowledge, we will:
  • Provide you with strategies to avoid obstacles and improve your program’s performance
  • Gather data, provide analysis, perform research, create surveys, conduct interviews, and share sample outlines and templates
  • Make recommendations to organizations and individuals who can collaborate with you
Most of all…we will listen, communicate clearly, help you problem solve, and drive you toward organizational success. Our goal is the opposite of “status quo”. It’s about “progress” and we will guide you every step of the way toward achieving the “extraordinary” in your program.

Benchmarking your Program

You’ve got a good feeling that your briefing program is probably World Class. But how does it measure up to the industry standard Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs as defined by ABPM, the Association of Briefing Program Managers? We’ll take a look at your existing processes, marketing materials, staffing structure, agendas, and customer experience while your team is engaged in a similar self-assessment process. We’ll then come together for a 4-hour readout session where we report out on your strengths and opportunities for improvement in each of the 18 standards. We’ll share examples of what other Programs are doing in each category so you can develop actionable ideas for elevating your own Briefing Program. And we’ll check back in with you a month later to see and support the progress you’re making.